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Thanks to Julia’s honest and empathetic approach, I felt comfortable in embracing the learning process, which is key to making sessions effective. Rather than feeling like “just a client“, Julia‘s consistent and conscientious approach reassured me that that she was fully invested in my development. Having established a welcoming but professional atmosphere, working with Julia was fun and fruitful at the same time. Julia hasn’t only encouraged me to further develop my professional skills, but also positively impacted on my mental well-being by providing tools and techniques to deal with stress. I fully recommend Julia as a coach without reservation.
Chris (30)


Before I started CBT with Julia I thought it was impossible for me to escape my constant anxiety. Through exposure therapy Julia guided me through these feelings of helplessness and helped me to see things in a whole new light. I liked how easily I was able to open up and get to the core of my problem through a bit of a nudge here and there from Julia. Couldn't recommend her more!
Ashley (31)

Counseling & Coaching

When I started having session with Julia, I felt a sense of relief…BIG RELIEF! She helped me understand my fears or anxiety, and I would say her techniques are effective for me. I am forever grateful for her help, that every time I’m having my “episodes”, I stay calm and apply what I’ve learned from her and it helps me focus and be more productive.
Lai (36)


I first started seeing Julia after a bout of depression. She made me feel immediately comfortable with her calm and friendly demeanour. Julia took my thoughts and organised them in a way that made perfect sense. She provided me with simple yet powerful tools that I still use to cope with anxiety. Julia demonstrated genuine care and I never once felt judged by her. I would highly recommend Julia to anyone who wants to explore and improve themselves in a productive and effective way.
Sophie (30)


After taking time to reflect on myself, all I can think of is: Julia, thank you! With your help I built the ground for a good life, my good life. Julia made me less commiting to self-sabotage, and I have started to love life more. Thank you Julia!
Jim (17)


Throughout a couple of months of therapy, Julia helped me orient better in my new situation in Vietnam, organize my time, and set some boundaries while facilitating better understanding of my feelings towards various aspects of my life. She helped me improve my relationship with my girlfriend, my country of residence and my work. I felt safe in her sessions, she’s shown a genuine interest in my problems and on top of being an undeniable professional, her dual cultural background as well as being a similar sort of expat as I am helped her relate more to my situation. She went above and beyond, both in accommodating to my financial state and lack of punctuality and in her spare time connected me with another person who could share their solutions to struggles like mine. I am very grateful for that.
Lukas (29)

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