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Relationship counseling is effective

For most people, their partner forms the foundation of their emotional support. So when couples face conflict in their relationships, it’s not uncommon for their entire lives to feel unbalanced.

For those who find themselves in this situation, it can be difficult to reach out for help. Confronting a problem head-on takes courage, especially when you doubt whether your partner will have your back. You might even wonder “Can counseling help us save our relationship?” 

I have had many couples come to me in desperation and leaving, eventually, with harmony and joy back in their relationships. Not all cases end like this, of course, but most do—more than you’d think.

One major factor in the effectiveness of couples counseling is how quickly a couple responds to the troubles in their relationship. Remember, counseling isn’t only for those whose relationships are falling apart. In fact, couples who address their concerns before it reaches that point will more easily resolve it. At the same time, however, neither should you think a problem is beyond fixing. As long as you and your partner are committed to mending your wounds, there’s always hope.

Relationship counseling can help you to

Improve healthy communication

Deal with and resolve conflicts

Understand and learn about each other better

Becoming a team instead of opponents

Strengthen your bond and increase intimacy

Terminate dysfunctional behaviour

Relationship counseling is for everyone!

Love is Love. Married or non-married, non-traditional relationship, polymeric couples, non-binary and gender variant partners – everyone is welcome in my practice.

I make it a priority to remain non-judgemental and will take the time learn about you and your unique relationship system.

My communication style is personable, open and considerate.

I work with you to develop your relationship into something that works.

I teach you communication skills to help work towards a conscious relationship instead of resorting to old habits

You benefit by learning tools and techniques for communication.


Why choose online relationship counseling?

Because online couples counseling is convenient and removes barriers.

It means giving your relationship the care it deserves, even if personal circumstances make traditional, face-to-face couples counseling difficult.

Perhaps one or both of you can’t travel to appointments for any reason, or you live in a very remote part of the world. Perhaps children and busy schedules make it next to impossible to find time during your 9-5 to attend counseling sessions, or perhaps you or your partner find in-person counseling too confronting. 

Online sessions are just as effective as in person.

How It Works


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If you feel comfortable with me as your counselor, we plan together how to proceed.

Take Action

Give the counseling sessions the time it needs and practice the tools we discuss.

What Clients Say...

Thanks to Julia’s honest and empathetic approach, I felt comfortable in embracing the learning process, which is key to making sessions effective. Rather than feeling like “just a client“, Julia‘s consistent and conscientious approach reassured me that that she was fully invested in my development. Having established a welcoming but professional atmosphere, working with Julia was fun and fruitful at the same time. Julia hasn’t only encouraged me to further develop my professional skills, but also positively impacted on my mental well-being by providing tools and techniques to deal with stress. I fully recommend Julia as a coach without reservation.
Chris (30)
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