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Currently only online services!


I provide counselling services to individuals and couples.

Counseling providehelp and support with your issues that may be preventing you from experiencing enjoyment and fulfilment in your life. Let’s explore them in a safe and non-judgemental space that allows you to gain clarity, heal your wounds and grow.

Relationship counseling aims to help you improve the quality of your relationship and deepen the emotional connection you have with your partner. By creating new patterns and ways of communicating, you can experience greater emotional connection with your partner.


While counseling often focuses on the past, coaching concentrates on the future. In coaching I will help you clarify your goals and identify the obstacles holding you back. Together we create strategies for overcoming each obstacle and I will support you until the finish line of your personal journey. 

Also suitable for employees to help improve work performance. 

Training / Workshops

Workshops and Trainings are suitable for companies, organisations, schools, retreats or mental health events. All workshops are very interactive and filled with hands-on exercises.

  • Who am I? A workshop filled with self-exploratory and developmental exercises that connects you closer to your inner self.
  • Triggered – A workshop where you learn to notice you triggers, understand them and let them go. 
  • Presentation Skills – A full day training that will allow you to face your fears and make you enjoy presenting.
  • Communication Skills – A workshop designed to improve communication between colleagues. Especially beneficial for leaders.
  • Stress Management  – Full (or half day) training suitable for companies and business groups.
  • Is self-care selfish? – A workshop filled with self-care tools.
  • Stress & Anxiety – A psychology workshop all around anxiety. 
  • Depression – A psychology workshop on clinical depression.
  • Trauma – A psychology workshop about Trauma and PTSD.

Please contact me for further tailored trainings or online workshops.

Counseling | Coaching | Training

All three compounds might be different, however they have one thing in common: You’re unsatisfied with where you currently are and would like something to change. If it is healing from the past, improving your current state or developing a new skill – all of them symbolise a path. Your individual path to a better you. 

I am inviting you on a journey.

Accept the invitation!

What Clients Say...

Thanks to Julia’s honest and empathetic approach, I felt comfortable in embracing the learning process, which is key to making sessions effective. Rather than feeling like “just a client“, Julia‘s consistent and conscientious approach reassured me that that she was fully invested in my development. Having established a welcoming but professional atmosphere, working with Julia was fun and fruitful at the same time. Julia hasn’t only encouraged me to further develop my professional skills, but also positively impacted on my mental well-being by providing tools and techniques to deal with stress. I fully recommend Julia as a coach without reservation.
Chris (30)
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