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PSychologist & Coach

Julia Peters

I am a qualified Psychologist and Presence Coach from Germany. I have been supporting individuals, couples, groups and families ranging between the ages of 14 to 60 years old.

What I Do

I Counsel.

Counseling providehelp and support with your issues that may be preventing you from experiencing enjoyment and fulfilment in your life. 

I Coach.

Coaching will help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back and create strategies for overcoming each obstacle.

I Train.

Trainings and Workshops are suitable for companies, organisations, schools or mental health events. Tailored trainings to your needs.

What I can help you with



Stress & Anxiety

Life Crisis
Life Transitions
Feeling Stuck
Inner Child Work
Low Self-esteem
Work-related Concerns
Feeling different or alone
Family Issues
Relationship Difficulties
Training & Workshops

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